Love and Misdeeds in Las Vegas

Friends Colin Langley and Bob Downing live the carefree single life in Las Vegas. After winning big one afternoon on the blackjack table, they decide that a celebration is in order and arrange to make a small drug buy. Oddly their dealer wants to meet them out in the desert to consummate the sale but at the designated rendezvous, they discover he has died in an accident and in the trunk of his expensive luxury car they find millions of dollars in cash and drugs. Thinking fast they decide to leave with the money which they believe will greatly transform their lives. Nothing could be more prophetic. Soon Colin discovers that Bob is far more than an hourly armored car driver. Once the sun sets and the bright neon lights expose the seamy underbelly of Las Vegas, Bob enjoys connections deep within the criminal network and Colin is wrongfully believed to be his accomplice. Within days, Colin finds out that nothing is free and every criminal is looking for the money. To complicate matters, Colin falls in love with a beautiful woman and doesn’t want their Las Vegas affair to end. After Bob is murdered, Colin realizes that the original owners of the money are only a few steps behind him and will no doubt give him the same treatment they gave his friend. He has only days to deal with this threat and leave town alive.

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