A Tale of Business Corruption

Kansas City banker Mark Griffin has a big new promotion along with a fat paycheck. His life is rapidly shifting into the fast lane where all that he ever desired is quickly falling within his grasp. But before he can enjoy the fruits of his hard work, out of his blind spot a deadly threat arises from a most unlikely source, a respected business partner of the Bank. Soon Griffin finds himself the victim of blackmail and extortion and if he does not agree to use customer funds to finance illegal investment activities on Wall Street, then he and his family face certain danger. At first the transactions are small and inconsequential, and are unlikely to be detected. Soon however, the greedy blackmailer moves to significantly increase the size of the transactions in order to boost his earnings risking certain discovery. When Griffin moves to tell his superiors at the Bank, he learns to his dismay that they are manipulating the books of the Bank in order to boost profitability and the very future of the Bank is now in question. With his options quickly narrowing and time running out, he turns to an old friend to help him defeat his nemesis. He must secretly travel to New York City and use every ounce of cunning and determination to end the threat, protect his family and return his life to normalcy.

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